We’re committed ...

to keeping the lake
a recreational and
environmental gem for all.
   Friends of West Side Pond
Goshen's Public Lakes: Our Threatened Community Asset
The Friends of West Side Pond welcomes 
financial and volunteer assistance in 
pursuing our mission.   

Dealing with the many challenges faced by 
the lake is expensive.  Our mission includes 
the organizing and funding of:
  • research efforts to understand the factors
        impacting the lake
  • education efforts to help the surrounding 
         community understand how to minimize 
         their impact on the lake
  • remediation efforts to slow the impact invasive species and water chemistry impacts of human activity

Any tax-deductible donation, large or small, will help us to succeed.  

All those who donate will become Associate Members. You will be kept informed about the lake and our progress.   You will also be invited to special members-only meetings, events, and informational sessions.

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Presentation to the Town of Goshen Boards of Selectmen and Finance in June 2016 regarding the importance of Goshen's public access lakes, including West Side Pond
"Overall, West Side Pond has an incredible species diversity. We identified 42 aquatic plant species. West Side Pond is one of the most diverse lakes we have ever surveyed in Connecticut."

Dr. George Knoecklein
Northeast Aquatic Research

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​The primary cause for the spread of invasive species of aquatic plants is transporting on the boats, motors, and equipment of sportsmen as the go from lake to lake.  PLEASE help by taking a few minutes to check your boat BEFORE you leave a lake.
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